Community of giving


Starting back in January 2018, Limit Zero has committed itself to help give you the chance to help make a difference throughout the world. 


Every single month Limit Zero is going to donate $250 to a charity of your choice. To take part and help make a difference all you have to do is vote every time you come in for a workout, every session = 1 vote. The more you come along the more chances you have of voting on how we make our small difference to the world. 



How it works:


  1. Suggestions are made from Limit Zero and/or clients.
  2. Those suggestions getting narrowed to 3-5 different options each month. 
  3. Every time you come in for a workout you can vote on who/what out of those 3-5 options we donate $250 to for that month. All voting and display of options will be right by the entrance. 
  4. All votes will be tallied after the end of every month with that donation to be paid out before the 20th of the month following. 
  5. Charities/organisations that miss out that particular month will get carried over to the next month as well as any new suggestions that come in. New votes will start on the 1st of every month. 
  6. It all gets repeated and keeps on going. Has now been going strong since 1st January 2018.


So literally every workout at Limit Zero is extra special - you won't only be helping yourself by coming to Limit Zero, you'll be part of this wonderful Limit Zero community that does it's best to make a difference throughout the world in it's own small way. 



Donation options for January 2021:


1. Supporting families Canterbury

2. Conductive Education Canterbury


As a member of Limit Zero's you are welcome to put forward any charity of your choice for this voting system, which will stay there until it gets voted upon.



Our $250 donation for November & December 2020 went to the 180 degree Trust 

Our $250 donation for October 2020 went to The Graeme Dingle Foundation  

Our $250 donation for September 2020 went to The Gut Cancer Foundation

Our $250 donation for August 2020 went to Take a Hike Foundation

Our $250 donation for July 2020 went to The Youth Hub 

Our $250 donation for June 2020 went to Blind Foundation Dogs 

Our $250 donation for May 2020 went to Project Jonah

We didn't make a donation in April 2020 due to lockdown. 

Our $250 donation for February 2020 went to the Samoan Measles Epidemic. 

Our $250 donation for January 2020 went to the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs

Our $250 donation for December 2019 went to the Red Cross Australia in essence of the bush fires. 

Our $250 donation for November 2019 went to the The Champion Centre

Our $250 donation for October 2019 went to the Cancer Society

Our $250 donation for September 2019 went to the Petersgate Trust

Our $250 donation for August 2019 went to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ

Our $250 donation for July 2019 went to Cure Kids

Our $250 donation for June 2019 went to Robbie Salton's fundraising to go to Japan and represent NZ at Olympic weightlifting

Our $250 donation for May 2019 went to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Our $250 donation for April 2019 went to Odyssey House Christchurch

Our $250 donation for March 2019 went to Victim Support Page: Christchurch Shooting Victim's Fund 

Our $250 donation for February 2019 went to Big brothers, big sisters 

Our $250 donation for January 2019 went to 0800 HUNGRY

Our $250 donation for December 2018 went to the Red Cross

Our $250 donation for November 2018 went to the Cancer Society

Our $250 donation for October 2018 went to Cholmondeley

Our $250 donation for September 2018 went to Achilles Foundation

Our $250 donation for August 2018 went to Surf Life Saving NZ

Our $250 donation for July 2018 went to Ronald McDonald House

Our $250 donation for June 2018 went to Save the Children

Our $250 donation for May 2018 went to the SPCA

Our $250 donation for April 2018 went to the Gynaecological Cancer Foundation

Our $250 donation for March 2018 went to Plastic Oceans

Our $250 donation for February 2018 went to the NZ Spinal Trust

Our $250 donation for January 2018 went to the City Mission


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