12 - Days of Christmas 2023

Limit Zero's 12-Days of Christmas 2023

12 group workouts, 12 days in a row to make for a fit & healthy holiday season. 

This is our 10th edition of the '12-days of Christmas' challenge and this year we've got a 'games' theme. Mixing your favourite board, card or social games into an exercise alternative. 

Starting, Tuesday 5th of December going every day until Saturday 16th December 2023. This event is a great way to end your year off with a bang and to celebrate the year that has been.

Join in some, all, or just one of the classes. If you have a group membership at Limit Zero you are welcome to all classes. If you don't you can buy access to this challenge by itself.

Each session is roughly 30 - 45 minutes long, and we always have a bigger, celebratory session on the last day (Saturday 16th December 2023) which can last up to 2-hours long. Everyone welcome to join in. 



Tuesday 5th December - 5:45am / 10:15am / 6:30pm

Wednesday 6th December - 6:30am / 9:30am / 5:45pm

Thursday 7th December - 6:30am / 12:30pm / 6:30pm

Friday 8th December - 5:45am / 10:15am / 5:45pm 

Saturday 9th December - 8:45am / 10:15am

Sunday 10th December - 8:00am / 11:00am

Monday 11th December - 5:45am / 10:15am / 6:30pm 

Tuesday 12th December - 5:45am / 10:15am / 6:30pm

Wednesday 13th December - 6:30am / 9:30am / 6:30pm

Thursday 14th December - 6:30am / 12:30pm / 6:30pm

Friday 15th December - 5:45am / 10:15am / 5:45pm 

Saturday 16th December - 9:00am - 11:00am (one big finale) 


  • Access to all classes with your current group class membership.
  • $144 for the 12-days challenge. 
  • $25 for the final day by itself (Saturday 18th December 2023)

Please register your interest below and we will get back to you with a booking system to use to book your sessions as you please.