Limit Zero Memberships

We offer an exclusive gym in Avonhead, where our main focus is to provide an environment where you'll get fitter, healthier and stronger and enjoy the process more than you may think. We have a huge personal approach and always care about the goals you want to achieve.

We pride ourselves on being creative, as well as challenging as we cater for anyone of any ability. From young to old, from a sportsperson to someone recovering from injury, to anyone that is new to the gym or that just wants to be healthier, fitter & stronger for the long-term benefit of their life. We also have a wonderful community of people, which will help you enjoy the process.

All our sessions are 45-minutes long and come with detailed and carefully planned workouts to help you get the best out of life! 

PT sessions

A personal plan for you, with full attention. 

$85 per session. 

Coaching membership

All your exercise set out for you with accountability as you go.

From $199 per month. 

Unlimited fitness classes

Access all our weekly group fitness classes. 

$45 per week. 

One class at a time

A concession purchase of 10 or 20 group classes at a time.


Pick one from above and if you choose you can then add on:

Gym membership
Gym membership

For $69 extra per month you can access the gym anytime we are open (see below for hours)

Gym membership plus group training access
Gym membership plus group training access

For $99 extra per month you can access the gym and all group fitness classes.

More Information

Although we offer bulk purchases at times we never ask for or offer any contracts so if you need anything changed to your membership or payments in terms of putting it on hold, cancelling or changing membership levels just give us two weeks notice and we can do so. 

If you need to change the time of a booked session, just let us know and as long as we can re-book it within 7 days there with no cancellation fee. See our full cancellation policy here

Opening hours

  • Monday - Thursday 5:45am - 8:00pm 
  • Friday 5:45am - 7:15pm 
  • Saturday / Sunday 8:00am - 11:00am 
  • Closed on all statutory holidays

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