Community of Giving

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Starting back in January 2018, Limit Zero committed itself to help give you the chance to help make a difference. 

Every month Limit Zero will donate $250 to a charity of your choice. To take part and help make a difference all you have to do is vote every time you come in for a workout, every session = 1 vote. The more you come along the more chances you have of voting on how we make our small difference to the world. 

Total Donations Given


Total Donations


How the process works

Every workout at Limit Zero is extra special - you won't only be helping yourself, but you'll be part of our Community of Giving and contributing to great charities all around the globe.

1. Suggestions
2. Decide on a Charity
3. Vote when you train
4. Tally the votes
5. Roll over the charities
6. Rinse and repeat

Donation Options for June 2024

As a member of Limit Zero, you're welcome to put forward any charity of your choice for this voting system.

Community of Giving Donation History

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