Group Fitness

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Limit Zero's group fitness class first started back in June 2015 and has become a big hit since.

Limit Zero's fitness classes are ideal to help you build fitness, to help increase lung capacity and build a stronger heart! We primarily use any or all our cardio equipment in several different ways from little sprints small minute endurance stints.

No matter what level - beginner or expert, these classes will allow you to choose your own machine and your own intensity to suit what you can do. With the support of a qualified trainer to help you along the way. If new to Limit Zero, we won't put you under any pressure to push you harder than what you feel comfortable.

Limit Zero's group cardio class guarantees to always get the very best from you!

Get in touch with us to start a 4-week trial with a huge discount of 50%, and have a go at one of Limit Zero's group cardio classes.