Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson 2nd Feb 2024

Blair Williamson

Manager and personal trainer at Limit Zero
  • Graduated from Max International College for Fitness Professionals in 2010
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness
  • Comprehensive first aid certified
  • Diploma in Business
  • NZ Fitness Awards Finalist for 'Up and Coming PT' of the year in 2011
  • NZ Fitness Awards Finalist for 'Innovation' of the year in 2012 with our fantastic Grabasesh feature
  • Guinness World Record holder of "Most Rubik's Cubes Solved while running a Marathon" - completed at the Christchurch Marathon on 4th June 2017.
  • Guinness World Record holder of 'Most Burpees completed in 24-hours" - completed at Limit Zero on 5th November 2021.

About Blair

I started Limit Zero in March of 2010 with the idea of helping people to enjoy exercise so they can then reap the great, ongoing rewards from it. I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally as often as I can.

I like the thought of ultra-endurance adventures and always set myself goals in this category. Since starting Limit Zero I've completed 7 marathons, 2 x 100km walks for charity, a 24-hour circuit non-stop and the 71km of the Queen Charlotte track non-stop on New Zealand's shortest day of the year 2017. I aim to do at least one charitable fitness event every year.

I used to play rugby in Winter as well as touch rugby and tennis in the Summer, and always have had a desire to push myself and look after my health and fitness for as long as I've known. The more I work in the industry the more I realise how important exercise is in a regular lifestyle to get the very best out of your life. Ideally, I would love to help people feel and act young forever. I see ageing more or less as an option - you can let your body slowly die away or look after it and be fit, strong, healthy and energetic forever. 


I want to continually push myself to achieve wonderful things in life, mainly to help inspire others to do something similar in their own lives. I want to keep growing and building Limit Zero to eventually one day become one of the best small gyms in the world. I love going on holiday and exploring the world and want to keep doing that as much as I can as well - I really want to add to this video idea I've started as much as possible...