Month of Miles

April's 'month of miles', on the bike...

Back for its third year - as a gym and community we are aiming to hit 6,000km worth of biking throughout the month of April 2024. 

Help us get there! 

Any time you are on your bike, or e-bike, whether around the park, to the gym or at the gym on our stationary bikes - record your KM's.

You can then enter in all of those KM's with us when you sign in on our iPad when you come into or leave the gym each time. If you don't come in often enough you can email your numbers to us instead.

Not only that you will be able to allocate your completed meters to a certain trainer. 

Kelsey vs. Malcolm vs. Blair in a competition that makes us (trainers) build our biking meters up but also build our friendships, in order for you to support us. You'll be able to rotate allocations each time you enter a distance incase friendships change throughout the month. 

We'll also see who can complete the most meters on the bike themselves throughout April.

All in the name of good fun and building each other up - let's see how far we can go!