Our Benchmarks

Limit Zero's standards of excellence

At Limit Zero we believe in providing the best possible service to help you create or continue an active ongoing lifestyle. We know words are meaningless without continuous action, and we as trainers endeavour to improve ourselves ongoing and stick to our 5 commandments.

No matter if you're a trainer or client, the best results always come from consistency over a long period.
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Commitment to a healthy lifestyle

As trainers, we exercise at least 3 times every single week, not on average, but every single week and take part in a personal training session and group fitness class at least once per month.

Not because we have to, but because we want to, and we love the life that exercise provides.
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As trainers under these 'Benchmark' standards, we update what we know at least once per year. We do this by exploring what's out there - putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and learning from other gyms and trainers, and/or attending conferences or other health and fitness-related events.

After each experience, we then write up a report with what we have learned and how it can be put into action towards a better lifestyle for our clients. These reports are all gathered online, dated and kept for you to view right here anytime. 

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We know that the best way to gain a healthy lifestyle is longevity and as a registered 'Benchmark' trainer that is the number one thing we promote. The changes we make now need to be sustainable to generate the best possible outcome.

Once you start out with us as a client we commit to you 100% and look to build trust and loyalty by being professional in every manner in the hope that it will encourage you to continually exercise with or without your current gym or studio, ongoing forever. If for some reason our circumstances change as trainers we will help transition you to another trainer that is suitable for you by being there with you the first few times when your new trainer takes over.

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Creation of a community

As trainers, we aim to not only create positivity through exercise but also by giving back to the community. One way in which we do this is by offering you a chance to vote on a charity every time you come into the gym. The charity that then gets the most votes by the end of that month gets a $250 donation from Limit Zero on your behalf.

Limit Zero calls this the 'Community of Giving' We will also host a number of get-togethers for clients every year, bringing the experience of being part of a community of fitness alive.

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Zero limits

We open Limit Zero to any one of any age and any ability. We see that we're all on the road to having a better life through the wonders of exercise and we're here to encourage that more than ever.

We, as trainers, endeavour to show you what is possible by pushing ourselves through challenges to bring the best out in all of us! To lead by example.

These are the 5 commandments set under Limit Zero's 'Benchmark' standards.

It's the wording behind our actions. It's what holds the trainers that agree to this apart from the rest. You'll be guaranteed a professional and proper service that will bring out the best in you. These standards are personally maintained by Blair Williamson, and they are updated every year as the group grows and creates stronger and better standards to help us to help you in the best way possible.

Our Benchmark Personal Trainers: